Ch Sandale Wyne Talk The Talk

(Sandale's Had To Be You x Ch Wyne AQ Chaney You're One T'Talk)

Becker at 7 months of age.

"Becker" came from Alaska at 10 weeks. He was bred by Sue Wyne, Annique Smith and Miriam Cope. My Alaskan connection! "Becker" finished at 10 months old. He has an exuberance that is hard to deny. He is a solid, well boned and bodied dog who also has exceptional movement. He has a dark, correct eye, a good bite and a great temperament. He has preliminary for hips, Thyroid Normal, CERF-Normal. He is a proven sire, and at limited stud to approved bitches of quality.

Becker at 9 months.

Becker at 10 months of age.

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