BISS Ch Sandale's What A Guy, ROM
(Ch Sheenwater Georgia Pacific x Murlo Sybil of Sandale, ROM)
Top Ten Dane 1987
Register of Merit
Great Dane Club of America Hall of Fame
Sire of 35 American Champions
Sire of 7 International Champions
Sire of 8 Canadian Champions

After over 15 years of living with the girls, I had a litter with two exceptional males and a lovely bitch. I decided to let the bitch go on a co-ownership and had a big decision between the males. I had a call from some lovely people looking for a "show" dane. The boys were 5 months at this point and I decided one had to go….but who?? I agonized for weeks. "Dylan" was so classic and very austere, an "aristocrat", "Guy "was a little more boned and more square. He had a nice head, just not as classic as "Dylan". "Guy" had been very small. We didn't know if he would make it. I spent a lot of time with him through those first couple of weeks. As a matter of fact, that's how he got the name "Guy". He was always referred to as "the little Guy" and it stuck! When the day came to visit with the new owners, I still had not decided.

A sort of miracle happened that morning. A friend and long time Boxer breeder was working in the next town. I had not seen her in ages, she didn't even know that I had moved. She drove by and saw me in the front yard, drove up the road a bit , turned around and came back. She was just the person I wanted to see.

I threw both boys out in the yard and we sat and watched them over coffee. She said all the things that I already knew!! But her final words to me were " when they are both nice, pick with your heart." And so I did. I have a saying about these two boys. Dylan was "champagne and caviar" and Guy was "Beer and Pretzels". I guess I'm a "beer and pretzel girl!!

"Dylan", Ch Sandale's I Kid You Not went to live with Julian and Gail Reiter and the " little Guy" stayed with me. A decision I will never regret. He was my once in a lifetime; a good show dog, a great producer and an outstanding companion. He was indeed my "heart" and will stay there forever.

"Guy"s" show career started at 6 months where he was 3rd in the 6-9 class at the National. His brother , "Dylan" was 1st and Reserve that day. An injury kept "Guy" from the ring for almost 4 months. He was BOW at his first show after the tendon healed under Jane Forsyth. He then continued to win, garnering all his minors and a breed over specials from the puppy classes. We went to the Cherry Blossum circuit in April , hunting for majors. He was BOW the first day for a 5 point major at the GDC of Maryland Specialty from the Bred By class under Chuck Whitney.

Because his brother was also being shown, "Guy" sat out a few of the shows while brother "Dylan "picked up 2 more major wins. Then at the Old Dominion KC, again from Bred By, again a 5 point major,"Guy was BOW under Lowell Davis to finish. He was shown a little for the rest of the year (by me), taking many BOS awards to the beautiful BISS Ch Sheenwater Jump For Joy. Terry Silver was handling "Joy". In November, Terry took Guy as a Special" and while being shown on a limited basis, in our own New England area, he became the # 8 Dane in the country. He won 8 Specialties including the Great Dane Club of Central Pennsylvania the day after the National. He beat 70 Specials and a total entry of 327 Danes that day.

His ability as a producer was evident in his first two litters. The Hanns of Von Shrado bred to him and in that litter was the "Fridge" and 3 champion litter sisters. A bitch out of Murlo breeding sired by Ch Darrdanes Opening Bid had already been bred to him and these two litters of lovely pups represented him at the 1987 National. Several won their classes and "Fridge" was Winners that day. "Guy" was best stud dog and the rest is history. "Guy" was Best Stud dog at 1 Regional and 2 National Specialties and at many Specialties during his career. He sired 2 Best In Show winners, BIS, BISS CH VonShrado's I'm A Knockout and BIS, BISS Ch Sheenwater Quixotic Quest. He was the sire of 4 Top Twenty Danes, "Fridge", "Justin" (Quixotic Quest), BISS Ch Von Shrado's I'm A Macho Man and Ch Maitau's Here's Hannah. His son "Fridge" also won the Futurity and was #1 Dane for two years. "Guy" was bred to 37 bitches to produce his 35 American, 7 International, Scandinavian, and 8 Canadian champions.

I am proud that his name and his qualities can still be found today in the pedigrees of Danes in the US, Canada, Scandinavia, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan England and France. He continues to make me proud as he did everyday of his life.

The best part of the story of "What A Guy" was the pleasure of living with such a wonderful companion. He went everywhere with me. He was a gentleman and a people pleaser. He loved baby puppies and helped raise many a litter. He carried the cat around in his mouth and cleaned him thoroughly each day! If anyone has a question as to his temperment, they can ask anyone who knew him , bred to him or owned his equally wonderful get. He was a stable and gentle giant.

He is in my heart and I will miss him forever.

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BISS Ch Sandale's I Kid You Not - "Dylan" (Ch Sheenwater Georgia Pacific x Murlo Sybil of Sandale, ROM). "Dylan" was owned by Julian and Gail Reiter of Long Island, New York. He was a Top Twenty Dane for 1987 and 1988. He is the sire of 5 champions. "Dylan" started his show career by going RWD at the National Specialty from the 6-9 class at 6 months old. He won the GDC of New England Specialty at 9 months under Anna Mary Kauffman. He finished with 4 majors handle by Terry Silver. He was specialed by Judy Harrington. He was a multiple Group and Specialty winner.

BISS Ch Sandale's Excalibur - Travis (Ch Sheenwater Georgia Pacific x Murlo Sybil of Sandale, ROM). Travis is from a repeat breeding of Guy and Dylan. He was owned by Vince and Maureen Risi of Croton On Hudson, NY. He was a fun puppy to show and even more importantly a wonderful companion to the Risi's for his 11 plus years. He won his first Specialty at 7 years old and was Best Veteran at many Specialties. He is the sire of 2 champions , one a multiple group winner.

Am/Can Ch Sandale's I'm A Wild and Crazy Guy - Steve (BISS Ch Sandale's What A Guy x Kaidane Mainland Connection). "Steve" was co-owned by myself and Linda Slezak of Quaker Hill Danes. He was bred sparingly and produced one American and many Canadian champions. He was a big male with lots of bone and body, sound of body and mind. "Steve" was handled to two 5 point majors ( one, the GDC of New England Spring Specialty, Hildy Compton judging) several breeds and 2 Group placements from the classes by Chantel Pellitier. His temperment was suberb.He lived in a house where 3 males lived together. All slept in Chantels room !

Ch Sandale Chaney Austin Healy - Austin (BISS Ch Chaney Brier Maserati Mistrl, ROM x Ch Sandale Larjo Joey L. Chaney) Austin was another 'favorite". He and his brother Limo came East with me. Limo was already promised and I figured I'd be able to find a show home for Austin. Well, THAT never happened!! He and grand dad, Guy, were great pals. Austin just sort of stayed. Terry and I joke that he "grew " on us!!! He had a fantastic sense of humor and was devoted to Terry and I. He lived with both of us off and on as a younger dog. He was also with me in the car when I had a very bad accident. He was 8 and when the car fliped, his crate broke up. When the fire department got the doors open, he ran scared. It took 3 nights to finally get him to come to someone he knew, and he was my only concern as lay in my hospital bed unable to try to get him myself. Thenwe were separated for another 3 weeks. I was told he was depressed and "acting old", which he hadn't been before the accident. The first time he heard my voice he satrted whining, and then when he saw me , he licked my face and hair for an hour, he was up on the bed, he wouldn't leave !! He was attached to my hip after that. Not afraid, just watching out for me. He had suffered some spinal contusions in the accident. But he manage to get his solid gait back again. I realized the dedication he had for those he loved. He was a great companion.

BISS Ch Sandale Larjo Limousine - Limo (BISS Ch Chaney Brier Maserati Mistrl x Ch Sandale Larjo Joey L. Chaney). Limo is owned by Trevor Franklin of Bedford, NY. He was a good show dog and an excellent companion. At 10 years, he is still running his 10 acres daily with his 8 year old companion, Sedan, who is a daughter of his brother Austin. Limo is shown winning the Specialty preceeding the National Specialty. There were over 50 Specials and a total of 297 Danes defeated. He is the sire of an Australian champion .

Am Can Ch Chaney Sandale Just My Style - Buddy (BISS Ch Chaney Brier Maserati Mistrl x Ch Sandale Larjo Joey L. Chaney). Buddy is another Alaskan! He is the sire of two champions from his one litter. He was co bred by Carol Ann Chaney and myself and the companion of Dee and Dean Geissert of Eagle River, Alaska. Buddy was Dee's very special boy.

Ch Sandale's Dexter StandByMe - Dex (Ch Sunglo's Shiloh x Ch StandByMe's Sweety of Sandale).Dex had a temperment like a Lab or Golden. He was the happiest, friendliest Dane . He was what Great Danes should be. Dex finished easily with many of his points from puppy. When Kim Thurler lost her Guy daughter I made the decision to let Dex live with them. They didn't want a pup and I knew Dex would make the change easily. That was another decision that I will never reqret. Dex loved them as he loved me. He became their dog.

BISS Ch Sandale-Larjo Dirty Dancer - Henri (BIS, BISS Ch Von Shrado's I'm A Knockout x Ch Sandale's Private Dancer) Henri was a Top Twenty dane in 1990 with limited showing. He was owned by Larry and Joan Westall and lived in Essex Jct, Vermont for his 10!/2 years. Henri was a real people pleaser and had a sense of humor. He was another ambassador for the breed. He was a very big dog with a very happy attitude.

Ch Sandale's A Macho Kind Of Guy - Redman (BISS Ch Sandale's What A Guy x Kaidane Certainly Sandale) Redman went to Alaska to Miriam Cope when he was almost a year old. He was the sire of 4 champions from his two litters. He enjoyed ruling the roost in Homer for almost 9 years. He had lovely breed type and was extremely sound. He contributedto the limited gene pool in Alaska and his quality and that of his pedigree can be found in his grandkids and great grandkids.

Ch Sandale Wyne Razz Ma Tazz, CGC - Tomas (Ch Sheenwater Final countdown x Kaidane Positvely Sandale) Tomas also went to Alaska to live. He is the companion of Hank and Georgia Williams and is co-owned by Sue Wyne. Tomas also sired two litters and has 3 champions from those litters, two of which are her in the "lower 48"! Tomas is a great companion and a large, big boned boy. He has done all that has been asked of him.

BISS Ch Sandale's Type Cast - Hunter (Ch Sheenwater Final Countdown x Ch Kaidane Positively Sandale). Hunter is a Specialty winner and a group winner. He is the sire of 13 champions to date including a Top Twenty dane, Am Can, Int. Ch Diamond Danes Victorious Winner, CD, and Award of Merit winner, Am, Int Ch K-D Dane's Everybody Luvs Raymond, a Futurity winner who was also Winners Bitch at the National Specialty,, Ch Tally Ho Wiltor Nefertiti. There are several of his get that just need a major and several just starting their show careers. Hunter is co-owned and lives with Terry Silver. He is always the gentleman and is Terry's companion . He is OFA Excellent, Thyroid Normal, Ultrasound Normal and CERFed . He has a dark , correct eye, a good bite, full dentition and a great temperment. He is at limited stud to approved bitches of quality.

Ch K-D Danes Typically Sandale - Dawson (Ch Sandale's Type Cast x Ch K-D Danes French Kiss). Dawson is co-owned with Arlene Perry of Lancaster, So.Carolina. Dawson is another one with a tremendous personality. We call him a "people magnet" as he always draws a crowd. He is the sire of two young litters todate. Two girls ( the only two)from his first litter are pointed and a puppy dog from his second breeding is already major pointed at 7 months with a Specialty major. Dawson is CERF normal, Thyroid Normal,and OFA grade pending. He has a dark, correct eye and a good bite and a great temperment. He is at limited stud to approved bitches of quality.

Sandale's Had To Be You - Huey (BISS Ch Sarmac's I've Arrived x Ch Sandale's Devine Intervention). Huey is the sire of Becker and 3 other major and minor pointer get from that same litter of 5. Huey ruputured his cruciate ligament as a puppy and has not been shown. His leg is strong after surgery and he is not lame. He is a little stiff gaited from the knee so he will probably never be shown. He is tall, big boned and bodied male with a rock hard topline. He is a joy to live with and will stay here as long as he wants to stay, show title or no show title. He has proved his worth in the quality of his one litter and his great kindness an enjoyable temperment. Huey is prelim hips good, Thyroid Normal.

Ch Sandale's Duly Noted - Dewey (BISS Ch Sarmac's I've Arrived x Ch Sandale's Devine Intervention). Dewey is owned by Deanna Matson and lives in Potomac Falls , MD. Dewey is OFA prelim- Good , Thyroid Normal, Cardiac Normal. He has lovely balance, good movement and pretty type. He has a correct dark eye . He has a wonderful temperment. He has sired a litter out of Sandale's Positively a Diva and has just been bred to Ch Sandale Wyne Saratoga Sizzle.

Ch Sandale Wyne Talk The Talk - Becker (Sandale's Had To Be You x Ch Wyne AQ Chaney You're One T'Talk) Becker came from Alaska at 10 weeks. He was bred by Sue Wyne, Annique Smith and Miriam Cope. My Alaskian connection! Becker finished at 10 months old. He has an exuberance that is hard to deny. He is a solid, well boned and bodied dog who also has exceptional movement. He has a dark, correct eye, a good bite aaand a great temperment. He has preliminary for hips, Thyroid Normal, CERF-Normal. K-D Danes French Vanilla is expecting his first litter on February 12, 2002. He is at limited stud to approved bitches of quality.

Sandale's Lock and Load - Gunner (BISS Ch Sandale's Excalibur x Ch Sandale's Probable Cause). Gunner has been shown only a few times. He had a major reserve on his first outing. His owners, Tom and Ginny Adams, decided that they didn't really want to show dogs anymore. They just wanted to live with them and love them. And so "Vanna" and "Gunner" live a great life at 7 Grantland!!!! "Gunner" is a handsome, big boy with a wonderful temperment.

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